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Here at St James Oaks there is a varied public perception of what to expect from Sheltered Housing. Although sheltered housing has been available for some time it is still a very specialised market. However, awareness towards the concept is still limited.

To some, this creates an incorrect image of a retirement home with nursing care. To others an unwelcome image of a solitary bungalow with an emergency call centre link in another town.

St. James Oaks Sheltered Housing has a very different philosophy...

St. James Oaks Sheltered Housing is not managed by a faceless call centre. Landbridge have ensured that a point of contact is available within The Lodge. This is a prominent and purpose built reception area near to the front entrance of the site. A facility for your convenience.

The friendly management team are all situated here and staff are readily at your disposal. Here you may seek advice about daily requirements if you wish to utilise this service. The Lodge is friendly and informal but with a wealth of expertise.

Our unique approach pays attention to the needs of the individual. This is to ensure that focus is put on the residents fulfilment and enjoyment taking care of life?s little daily worries and chores.

This is worry free living.

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