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St James Oaks | Sheltered Housing | Individual Accommodation

This sheltered housing development of private properties caters for those with independent individuality. A new style of living. These apartments are for people aged 55 and over, and every aspect has been considered and designed with the most important subject in mind... You.

St James Oaks sheltered housing, was designed and constructed with solid walls and floors and have been created to be energy efficient. Built using quality materials and techniques, to save you money, all are double glazed and have independent gas central heating to insure that you only pay for what you use.

These sheltered housing apartments have been built to last.

Although St. James Oaks sheltered housing has properties with 1 or 2 bedrooms, sometimes at a time of family gatherings, such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries, you may wish to invite distant relatives to stay. The design of St. James Oaks sheltered accommodation has incorporated this possibility.

There is a facility for family members to come and stay in the two guest suites that are available, so your friends can be close by during these times of celebration.

These fully fitted and furnished apartments are maintained by us so they always remain at your convenience and disposal.

Each suite has 2 bedrooms with ample room to accommodate your friends, family, children and grandchildren.

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