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Welcome to St James Oaks | Sheltered Housing | Some Questions Answered

Am I �young� enough to move to ST James Oaks?

St James Oaks is a development of private properties with additional services provided for your comfort and peace of mind. You will need to be able to live a normal independent life because St James oaks does not offer comparable services to a residential or nursing home. Some of the many services and activities that are available are detailed in the enclosed brochure.

What does the duty house manager do?

An accurate way to describe a duty house manager is that of a professional neighbour. She is there to do a daily check on each resident as discreetly as possible. The duty house manager deals competently with any emergency and establishes working contacts with local G.P�s, district nurses and social services. Should you fall ill, the duty house manager is there to provide support to aid your comfort and help speed you to a healthy recovery.

Can I bring my pet with me?

Yes. But obviously in the interests of other residents Landbridge reserves the right to approve any pets, and should they become a nuisance to other residents, you may be asked to make alternative arrangements.

What about the service charge?

Details of the service charge are enclosed in our information pack. Importantly, a copy of audited accounts for the previous year are made available to every resident. Landbridge makes every effort to ensure that your service charges are always kept to and efficient minimum whilst offering you excellent service.

What about insurance?

The full cost of rebuilding your home is covered by Landbridge Limited�s comprehensive insurance policy, the cost of which is part of your service charge. The sum insured is of course, reviewed annually. You do have to insure your own furniture and other contents as normal.

What happens if I can no longer lead an independent life?

If further help is necessary then Landbridge limited will enlist the support of relatives, home helps, voluntary workers, district nurses, or whatever services are appropriate. Whilst Landbridge limited cannot provide nursing care or meals, we would always be willing to assist in any way to offer advice or try to find a more suitable alternative in these circumstances.

What happens when I sell?

If you wish to sell your property the development company will have an option to purchase, otherwise under the terms of your lease, you may sell your home to another eligible purchaser, so as to ensure that they too can lead an independent life.

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